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SELF and ENTIRETY have four main synergetic components.

  1. The first component is SELF, a private, ethical, hyper-personalized, and adaptive AI assistant that learns and adapts to users' needs, habits, preferences, and characteristics - simplifying and streamlining workflow, productivity, and daily tasks.

  2. The second component is a breakthrough Layer-1 blockchain (ENTIRETY Chain) utilizing an innovative, patented, democratic, and efficient consensus mechanism called Proof-of-AI (PoAI).

  3. The third major component is a Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling developers to create decentralized applications within a principled, fair, and efficient developer ecosystem. Each application built through the ENTIRETY SDK will have access to a hyper-efficient blockchain (ENTIRETY Chain) and each user’s SELF.

  4. These components will act as the core building blocks of the fourth component, an operating system of the future called ENTIRETY OS.

ENTIRETY provides ethical and individualized alternatives to Big Tech products, emphasizing ownership and control of personal data and personalized optimization for each user, with every ENTIRETY offering centered around the individual.

It does this by incorporating SELF, the adaptive AI at the core of the ENTIRETY ecosystem. In a business context, ENTIRETY aims to positively influence the sustainable transformation of all industry sectors through decentralized, high-speed, energy-efficient infrastructure.

The cryptocurrency $SELF and ENTIRETY Chain's native coin $ENTIRE will be essential to numerous mechanisms within the ecosystem.

The ultimate reason for creating SELF and ENTIRETY is described in the following video:

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