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This is where all documentation for Entirety and SELF is stored, including the whitepaper, tokenomics, pitch deck and marketing approach.

The ultimate vision of Entirety is to offer the world an ethical and decentralized alternative to Big Tech’s offerings; a system where humans are in control of their data, and everything is optimized in favor of the user. From a broader business perspective, Entirety seeks to positively impact the sustainable redevelopment of all industry verticals through decentralized, ultra-high-speed, energy-efficient and streamlined infrastructure.

The centerpiece of this system is SELF, a private, hyper-personalized, and user-controlled AI that learns the habits, needs, preferences and characteristics of the user while striving to remove noise and complexity. The first set of applications with support for SELF will be a mobile app and a browser extension.

The second component is a breakthrough Layer-1 blockchain, (Entirety Chain) that utilizes an innovative, patented, and highly efficient consensus mechanism called Proof-of-AI (PoAI).

The third major component is a Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling developers to create their own decentralized applications within a principled, fair and efficient developer ecosystem. Each application built through the Entirety SDK will have access to a hyper-efficient blockchain (Entirety Chain) and each user’s SELF.

The cryptocurrency $SELF and Entirety Chain’s native gas token $ENTIRE will be essential to numerous mechanisms within the ecosystem.

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