We believe today is the slowest change we'll ever experience, so what we suspect may take X years should be assumed to take far less time, including new entrants to the market and how fast we can innovate SELF and ENTIRETY.

SELF, as a unique anonymized preferences filter for the web, is not just a product, but a dynamic entity that evolves with each new capability launched by others. This evolution equips SELF with the ability to filter and process a wider range of data, thereby enhancing its capacity to match individual preferences better. This continuous market evolution is a testament to the future potential of SELF, setting it apart from the rest.

ENTIRETY will be the first operating system of its kind. Built on ENTIRETY CHAIN and running Proof-of-AI, the novel consensus mechanism, the system integrates each individual’s SELF to customize every interaction. As with SELF, the dynamic approach is differentiated from other market entrants.

Due to the above, there are four ways we view competition:

  1. Despite potential user perceptions, an offering that is not self-sovereign does not compete in the same market as SELF or ENTIRETY. Our target users seek an alternative to non-self-sovereign technology, a distinction that significantly sets us apart.

  2. An offering that promotes self-sovereignty would benefit us, as they would be helping to educate the market. The worst case would be for that to be only us and a few others. In the best case, there is a growing volume.

  3. A market hasn’t been established yet in our space, so there isn’t a direct competitor. This unique position allows us to shape the market and establish our product as the benchmark. When a direct competitor emerges, the previous point reinforces our competitive advantage.

  4. Our main competition focus is on the gap between where we are and our potential.

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