Features and capabilities of the futuristic version of SELF

We believe that it's impossible to fully grasp the transformative potential of an adaptive and hyper-personalized AI. Here’s a summary of the features and capabilities we intend to incorporate into the futuristic version of SELF. Some might sound far-fetched, but so did many inventions throughout history before they materialized and became integral parts of our lives.

  • Advanced Expert Packs: Suite of advanced productivity-enhancing expert packs.

  • Interfacing with applications through SELF: Access and control any decentralized application integrated into the SELF App and Entirety OS, as well as any other external Linux-compatible application running on Entirety OS that allows for it, directly through chatting with or talking to SELF.

  • Life optimization: Have SELF provide personalized recommendations and suggested interventions to improve productivity, health, and overall well-being.

  • Personalized assistant services: Access a pool of trained human assistants, billed by the minute, who can interface with SELF and enhance the experience even further, as the user requires.

  • Advanced voice interactions: All features of SELF will gradually become fully voice enabled. Interacting with SELF in the future will closely resemble talking to a human personal assistant.

  • Neural technology: As technology evolves, interacting with AI systems will become less manual and more intuitive. We are wary of the potential implications of non-self-sovereign neural technology but will explore humane innovations that are explicitly in the control and custody of the individual.

  • Customizable avatar/robot companion: Develop an emotional connection with a virtual companion running SELF. This customizable on-screen avatar or robot companion could learn user preferences, provide companionship, and even evolve to offer deeper emotional connections.

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