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It’s important for us to demonstrate the profitability potential of SELF, in order to eventually be able to attract investors and expand at a faster rate. One of the main revenue generators of SELF will be affiliate marketing commissions. In order to showcase the capabilities of SELF and nudge our users toward purchasing items and services through SELF (a win-win for everyone), there will be a button on the extension that opens up a dashboard in their browser, where SELF lists a number of example queries. The first set of example queries won’t be directly purchase-related, for example: “What do you think I should make for dinner tonight? The dish should be part of the Mediterranean diet and I don’t want anything with too many carbs”

“Here’s a list of songs I like (followed by an input window), could you recommend five similar songs I might enjoy?”

“I’d like to write a poem about spending a rainy day in front of the fireplace, wrapped in a blanket, reading a great book. Could you provide me with some ideas for inspiration?”

“What are your thoughts on the philosophies of Immanuel Kant?”

“Add ‘meeting with Janet’ to my calendar tomorrow at 5pm and add ‘pick up dry cleaning to my to-do-list” (this is a showcase of Expert Pack functionality described later in this document).

Below these initial example queries, there will be a call-to-action encouraging the user to try our crypto-back feature. The second set of queries will be designed to prompt SELF to generate review summaries and/or one or more referral links as part of its reply (from online service companies offering generous and/or recurring affiliate commissions). Examples:

Website creation

  • “Is this domain available?” (followed by input window)

  • “Can you recommend any good hosting providers and website builders?”

  • “How would you compare something like Squarespace and Wix?”

  • “What are the benefits of using something like Webflow instead of Wordpress?”


  • “Can you provide me with an overview of the five most popular to-do list applications and a summarized review of each?”

  • “I’m always getting distracted when I’m at the computer… Can you provide me with summary reviews of the five most popular applications intended to help me focus and block out distractions?”

Financial Services

  • “Which are the five most popular brokers available in my region? Provide me with a summary of their pros and cons, features, fees etc.“

  • “I want to buy some physical gold and store it in a physical vault - what are my options?”

  • “I’m considering dollar cost averaging into a BTC ETF each month, which ETF has the lowest fees?”

  • “What are the pros and cons of a decentralized perpetual exchange vs a centralized perpetual exchange? Provide me with summary reviews of the five most popular decentralized and centralized exchanges for leverage trading.”

Later on, SELF will establish more permanent partnerships with companies and provide the user with coupon codes on top of the crypto-back that they already receive. Eventually, SELF will maintain affiliate partnerships with thousands of companies in all applicable industries.

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