Business model of Entirety

As we look to the future and the creation of Entirety OS, we already have some preliminary ideas for how to structure a business model that will support such a bold mission. The starting point is to consider standard operating systems and how they monetize, including the aggregation of personal data to sell to 3rd parties such as advertisers. This is not something that Entirety (nor SELF) will ever do.

Entirety has the ambition to be a profitable business, as does SELF, with the profits funneled back into product improvement and marketing, provided none of these profitable ventures are at the user's expense. In contrast, they should be adding immense value to the users.

Note - Entirety’s proposition will be further detailed in 2024 and this section will be updated periodically.

The avenues we will explore for Entirety's business model include:

  • Transaction fees and commissions from payment services (for transactions within the OS)

  • Licensing fees for hardware manufacturers (for shipping their products with Entirety OS)

  • Developer license fees

  • Token launch royalties

  • D2C sales of hardware, software, and connectivity services

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