Expert Packs

Expert packs will be one of SELF’s premium services. These purchasable packs are essentially bundles of curated offerings that give users access to a version of SELF with greatly enhanced capabilities and an augmented data set. The beta will ship with one expert pack - the Productivity Pack.

This pack aims to enable API integration with some of the most popular applications used for productivity and planning such as:

  • Calendar apps: e.g. Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar

  • To-do-list apps: e.g. Todoist,, Google Tasks, Microsoft To-Do

Our ambition is for this Expert Pack to allow the user to use SELF to quickly:

  • Add events into default calendar (“Add call John 5pm tmrw.”)

  • Add and edit to-dos and reminders to a specific category in default to-do-list application (“Add clean basement to Chores” or “Add clean basement Sat 3pm”)

Later versions will allow the user to do this using voice commands. When this is live, we will also explore integrating note-taking and bookmark applications into the Productivity Pack. The user would press a widget button on their mobile or a hotkey on their keyboard, record a voice memo and SELF would automatically save an mp3 + a transcription of it and sort it in the designated category in the note-taking application.

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