Advanced voice interactions

A scenario:

You wake up in the morning. You yawn, stretch and roll out of bed. You walk straight to the kitchen and while preparing coffee you say:

YOU: Hey there Simon (the name you have given your SELF), is everything ready for my trip?

SIMON: Yes my friend, everything is organized as per your requests. The car will be here in 30 minutes (this user has specified that they want to be called “my friend” from time to time, but all options are possible)

YOU: Perfect. Could you please add a stop at a restaurant close to the road? I’ve decided I need to eat in the middle of the drive after all.

SIMON: Certainly. This means that you will arrive at your destination later. What is the latest time you wish to arrive?

YOU: Let's add an hour for the lunch break. Are there any restaurants that fit within that timeframe? I want to eat two hours into the drive. Today, I have no specific preference; you already know what I like.

SIMON: OK, your new arrival time is 15:00. Give me a minute while I review your options…

[7 seconds later…]

SIMON: There is an Italian place with a great Carbonara, at least if we are to trust Clara and Frank, who visited the restaurant last month, 2 hours and 15 minutes into the drive. It takes ten minutes to get there from the main road. Another option is a Sushi place with 200 reviews and a 4.7 average rating by the side of the road 2 hours and 30 minutes into the drive. Which one do you prefer?

YOU: Let's do Sushi today. Thanks, Simon!

SIMON: No problem, my friend. Is there anything else I can help you with?

YOU: Please add a note to my meeting with Jane tomorrow that says, "Remind her about responding to the invitation to my daughter’s wedding. Also, move my exercise session to Thursday; I’m sore and need another day to recover.”

SIMON: Certainly. I can imagine, given the intensity of your HIT session yesterday. New personal best next time?

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