Technical Documentation - Proof of AI

We have invented a novel and patent-pending consensus mechanism known as Proof-of-AI (PoAI), enabling Entiretyʼs decentralized validation and security. This section details the PoAI methodology.

At its core, every part of PoAI drives efficiency, from the removal of human interference to, critically, the objective of the AI to fulfill its task in the most useful way; quite opposite to PoW (which is inefficient due to the mechanical compute involved) and PoS (which is increasingly centralized and therefore increasingly inefficient).

In contrast, PoAI is based on the work of the following three algorithms that carry out their work independently, enabling blockchain consensus to be achieved.

  • The AI-Block Builder Algorithm: this forms effective blocks of transactions.

  • The Voting Algorithm: this is implemented by the PoAI mechanism, the task of which will be to organize voting for blocks of block builders and communicate between the two associated AI algorithms to achieve final consensus.

  • The AI-Validator Algorithm: this votes for the choice of block builder and determines the node with the permission to enter a block into the chain.

An overview of the PoAI architecture is shown below:

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