Specific dining recommendations

The user can ask SELF for recommendations about restaurants, diners and cafés. Here’s another example of a real interaction with the trial version of SELF in April 2024:

User: I want to eat out tonight. I’m in the mood for Chinese. Can you give me a recommendation for a restaurant with a Google rating above 4.5 stars? Thanks!

SELF: Hey :) For a delightful Chinese dining experience in Stockholm, I recommend the following restaurants, each boasting a Google rating above 4.5 stars:

1. MoonCake Restaurang - Known for its modern take on traditional Chinese dumplings and a cozy atmosphere.

2. Weidao - Offers a variety of authentic Chinese dishes with a focus on flavor and quality ingredients.

3. Waipo - This restaurant provides a contemporary setting and a menu that combines classic Chinese cuisine with modern culinary techniques.

4. Lao Wai - A popular spot for those looking for vegetarian Chinese fare, Lao Wai serves up a range of tasty and health-conscious options.

Please consider your personal taste and the location that suits you best when making your choice. Enjoy your meal! Best regards, SELF

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