Decentralized ecosystem of applications - SELF transforms into a "super-app"

All decentralized applications built through the Entirety SDK will function as standalone applications and be monetizable by the developers themselves. At some point during Phase 3, a selection of these will be given the opportunity to merge with a greater ecosystem, giving them access to all existing users of SELF, various cross-pollination effects and a large marketing budget.

This will initiate the process of transforming SELF into a "super-app", where a number of app interfaces are accessible through a single application. Any suitable application (provided that it meets a certain quality standard, uses one of the provided templates and adheres to our values) will be considered, including, but not limited to, those mentioned in application examples.

Due to the nature of the operating systems that the SELF app will be running on, these integrated apps will have to adhere to the requirements and limitations of those systems. A version of the same application will eventually be given a home within Entirety OS, which removes those limitations and requirements and allows us to set and modify the rules of operation ourselves.

The intent is to give the user access to a range of useful features within a single application. The goal is to have all of the integrated applications be fully SELF AI enabled, allowing the user the option to engage with and control all of them through chatting with or talking to SELF.

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