Points of difference between the old and the new

An ethically anchored philosophy that puts the user front and center should be the fundamental basis for designing an operating system of the future. Such a system should not put an excessive focus on monetizing its users and their data, but instead give users full control over their information. Users should have data privacy by default and be able to decide what to share and what to keep private.

Moreover, it should strive to constantly improve the user experience, reduce clutter and enhance productivity. The goal should be to help the user accomplish things with a positive signal, rather than having to tolerate meaningless noise to simply use a service. Various distraction-blocking and ad-blocking mechanisms should be integrated by default and not penalized.

An adaptive and hyper-personalized AI should be at the center of the new operating system, allowing the user to control and interact with the majority of its applications by talking with the AI rather than by manual input. The AI can be given permission by the user to leverage their data in specific beneficial ways, without the tedious need to constantly re-enter usernames, passwords and preferences when interacting with applications and services.

Finally, the new operating system should come with its own integrated ecosystem of built-in decentralized applications created by a passionate community of developers, giving the user access to useful tools and functionalities ranging from the obvious such as private messaging and hyper-secure file sharing, through to the more technical such as decentralized storage, decentralized yield farming, borrowing/lending protocols, NFT, data and compute power marketplaces, investing applications, and cost-efficient fiat onboarding protocols. The operating system should be as simple or technically complex as the user demands. With a mission to reduce noise and increase signal, the system should construct itself based on individual user needs and personality, rather than technical capabilities. Life is complicated enough.

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