The long-term goal of Entirety and SELF

The goal is to create a sustainable, clean, secure, privacy-conscious and productivity-optimized operating system that is of tremendous value to the world; simplifying life for individuals and positively impacting industry in the process. This is Entirety OS.

As this document outlines, prior to building Entirety OS, we will progressively evolve the SELF app into a ‘super-app’, construct and scale Entirety Chain and release the developer SDK. The SELF AI will eventually be completely integrated with all offerings of Entirety OS, with the purpose of assisting the user in removing the complexities of ‘getting things done’, and rapidly accessing information that matters most. In due time, we intend to expand into hardware products such as custom, “noise-removing” and productivity-optimized devices with Entirety OS pre-installed, in addition to user-controlled connectivity solutions.

Every industry vertical has the potential to be positively advanced through the efficient and sustainable systems we will offer, using the infrastructure we’re building today and tomorrow. We believe that technological advancements should be having a more positive impact on the world than they currently have. Our goal is to demonstrate how, and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

The vision is huge and bold. There are significant steps on the way towards achieving this greater vision, and each step is represented by a standalone and independently monetizable product offering. We are confident that we will succeed in making our vision of an ethical, fair, and decentralized powerhouse a reality, but the rate at which it materializes will depend on the level of success achieved through our initial product offerings, as well as investor involvement. Nonetheless, even if it takes longer than we would like, or we only achieve a fraction of our goals, our commitment will not waver. In the worst-case scenario, we will have demonstrated an alternative to a more dystopian future. Provided we can achieve even the beginnings of such a demonstration, we will have succeeded. Future generations can hopefully be inspired by the direction and take this vision further. This is just the beginning.

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