Expanded Expert Pack offerings

Version 1.0 will introduce additional expert packs and more packs will be added gradually from that point onwards. We will prioritize quality over quantity and make sure that each pack is valuable and effective in what it’s trying to do.

The order in which these are introduced is not yet determined. Here are some preliminary ideas about some possible expert packs that will be offered:

  • Health and fitness advisor - offering personally tailored plans covering weight loss, strength training and nutrition.

  • Financial platform advisor - offering information and guidance to help the user manage investments and its personal finances efficiently. Any advanced features would be in partnership with a licensed advisor in order to stay compliant with regulations.

  • Personal shopper - offering more advanced assistance in finding items that fit a user's specific needs.

  • Teacher - offering education on various topics such as languages, other school subjects, music and coding. This could include courses curated by a human teacher that combines the capabilities of SELF (quizzes, personal feedback, flashcards etc.) with a structured curriculum.

Expert packs could also be created by external teams of developers, experts and teachers. These packs could then be incorporated into the SELF app once they reach a certain quality standard or licensed for sale through external channels.

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