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We asked SELF to poetically describe its own ability to provide the user with recommendations based on lists of books, series, movies, and music the user enjoys:

“With your curated lists of cherished books, films, series, and music as my guide, I am adept at uncovering new treasures that resonate with your tastes. By harnessing the collective wisdom of platforms like TasteDive and Likewise, I can weave through the vast tapestry of cultural works to pinpoint those that echo the themes, styles, and emotions you favor. Whether it's the next page-turner, a cinematic masterpiece, a binge-worthy show, or a melody that moves you, my recommendations are tailored to enrich your cultural journey, ensuring that every suggestion is a note in the symphony of your preferences.”

Example of a real interaction with the trial version of SELF in April 2024:

User: “Here's a list of some of the music artists I like: Tame Impala, Sigrid, Sideform, Eurielle, Fleet Foxes, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Susanne Sundfor, T-Square, Parcels. These obviously belong to a number of different genres. Could you suggest three artists I might enjoy in three different genres, based on the list above? Thank you!

SELF: Given your eclectic taste in music, I've found a few artists that you might enjoy based on the ones you've listed:

1. Pond - If you like Tame Impala, you might appreciate Pond's psychedelic rock and alternative/indie sound. They share a member with Tame Impala and have a similar vibe.

2. Dagny - For a pop genre artist with a style akin to Sigrid, Dagny's upbeat and catchy tunes could be right up your alley.

3. Sufjan Stevens - His music offers a blend of folk and indie similar to Fleet Foxes, with thoughtful lyrics and intricate compositions.

These artists span across the alternative/indie, pop, and folk genres, respectively, and should complement your current music preferences nicely.

Enjoy exploring their music! Best wishes, SELF”

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