Why launch on an EVM-chain and not on Entirety Chain?

  • Ability to launch prior to Entirety Chain being launched.

  • Approximately 95%+ of the total liquidity in crypto is on EVM-chains.

  • It’s more straightforward to list ERC-20 tokens on centralized exchanges.

  • If we launch on Monad we would gain significant cross-promotional benefits from introducing the project to their engaged and passionate community. If their mainnet is able to achieve 10,000 transactions per second on an EVM-blockchain as promised, this is likely to bring a lot of attention, hype and TVL to the chain.

  • If we launch on Base we would gain the benefits from launching on an already proven chain that has been operational and stable for a meaningful amount of time; stability, a high Total Value Locked (TVL) and simple and fast user-onboarding KYC-processes currently being rolled out by Coinbase.

We have allocated a significant amount of tokens for liquidity and it’s possible that we decide to split the DEX liquidity and first launch on Base and then on Monad, to gain the stability and user onboarding benefits from Base and the hype, community and very high TPS benefits (cheap and fast transactions) from Monad.

Please note that when this choice has been made, this paper will adjust the references mentioned above.

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