Voting Algorithm

The PoAI mechanism organises voting and cannot directly influence its results or participate in voting. It will have an identical ML model internally to that of the block builder and generate its own version of the block with each new round of assembly. PoAI and block builders review transactions from the mempool and build an efficient block for the round. The block generated by PoAI is considered as the reference block and is compared with the blocks generated by the builders. If the newly generated block is more efficient than the current reference block, it becomes the new reference block.

PoAI removes block builders who have successfully submitted blocks to the chain during the last N-block period from the voting list. Implementing such a timeout allows all block builders to receive a reward for assembling a block and reduces the risk of unfair assemblies from one of the participants. The PoAI mechanism participates in all block assemblies from the very beginning of the chain. It will also have information about all voting results, and the block collected by the PoAI mechanism will be considered the reference block. The chosen reference block is vital and ensures that, despite users' choices, manipulating the mechanism is improbable, as it removes manual interference. For each block builder admitted to voting, the PoAI mechanism will check the accuracy of the efficiency coefficient based on the percentage of the block filled with useful information, assess its quality, comparing it with its reference block. The coefficient is the numeric value based on the efficiency (Input minus Output) of the amount of block creation. So, two objectives are required:

  • The volume of Points in the block is biased towards being the maximum possible.

  • The PointPrice is as stable as possible, so it is biased towards being as similar as possible to the previous block generation.

If the useful efficiency coefficient is higher than that of the reference block, the PoAI mechanism will give such a block builder the highest score and, after double-checking, consider its block the reference block for the current round of assembly. Block quality is an additional parameter, not the main one for voting, but one that the AI-validator model algorithm can use when making a decision.

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