Social media platforms and short-form video

  • SELF and Entirety will eventually establish a presence on all of the popular social media platforms.

  • Initially it's likely that we will focus on fun, trending and "virality optimized" short-form content and progressively introduce evergreen content later on. We have a number of ideas for how to make engaging content about SELF & Entirety.

  • The most important part of a short-form video is its thumbnail (the most important metric for the click-through-rate, which is one of the statistics that the algorithms look at the most) and its first three seconds. This is when the viewer should get "hooked" and make the split-second decision of watching the rest of the video instead of scrolling to the next one. We will make sure we prioritize these aspects when creating our short-form videos and strive to have one or more shorts go viral.

  • Eventually, there will be a dedicated part-time team member creating short-form and long-form videos on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Oddysee and Rumble.

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