Airdrop campaign - Zealy

Zealy is another similar platform. Zealy features a leaderboard and works better than Galxe for recurring quests, such as liking and reposting tweets. We will offer airdrops and/or whitelists to a percentage of the top participants on the leaderboard.

The picture above is a screenshot of Zealy. This particular meme project uses Zealy to incentivize their community members to react to the announcements in their discord. This has led to the project having a very high reaction count in relation to its member count - much higher than other projects, which makes the project appear popular - increasing buzz and excitement.

Of course, the “downside” of an airdrop campaign is that parts of the community are there only because of a potential monetary reward. However, with a quality product like SELF, the chance that some people who only joined because they are so-called “airdrop farmers” actually enjoy the products (and continue to use the extension or keep the application) is relatively high. These people might also be potential buyers of the token when it launches. We will implement various proof of humanity measures and some discord-related mechanisms to significantly limit the number of bots that participate. Some might still slip through since it’s possible to buy fake KYCs, but since that costs money (combined with the fact that some tasks will require the user to buy a product or a service through a partner), it will act as an effective deterrent.

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