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In case the user has told SELF about previous travel destinations and what they enjoyed or didn’t enjoy about those, SELF is able to take this into account when providing travel recommendations. SELF can be provided with specifics such as continent, region, country, climate, population density, star rating of a hotel, etc., or be asked to only suggest locations by the water, cities with a bustling nightlife, interesting museums, or places with historical significance.

Should the user already have a particular country or city in mind for travel, SELF can offer specific suggestions for hotels, hostels, or Airbnb accommodations. SELF is also equipped to assist the user in finding flights that align with his/her requirements for price, duration, class and comfort.

In case the user purchases part of its itinerary through the links that SELF generates, the user will receive a crypto-back reward in the form of $SELF tokens.

Example of a real interaction with the trial version of SELF in April 2024:

User: I want to travel to Italy in the summer, could you please suggest a 5-star hotel in the southern parts? It should be located close to the sea. It's a plus if there is a good seafood restaurant nearby.

SELF: Hello! For your summer trip to Italy, I'd recommend considering Le Sirenuse, located in the stunning coastal town of Positano in southern Italy. This hotel is renowned for its exceptional location very close to the sea, offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.

Guests often praise the on-site Michelin-starred restaurant, La Sponda, which serves exquisite seafood dishes in a romantic setting illuminated by hundreds of candles.

Le Sirenuse is also well-regarded for its luxurious amenities, including a pool with sea views and a spa where you can relax after a day of exploring. The hotel's elegant and comfortable rooms, many with private terraces overlooking the sea, make it a perfect choice for a memorable stay.

To assist you further, you can check availability and compare prices for your preferred dates at this link: [ - Le Sirenuse]

Please ensure to read recent reviews and consider your personal preferences for a truly enjoyable experience. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. Best wishes for a fantastic holiday in Italy!

User: Thank you, sounds great! How expensive is La Sponda, how much for a main course?

SELF: La Sponda is a 1-star Michelin rated restaurant located within Le Sirenuse hotel, and the price for a main course ranges from approximately $77 to $154.

User: Hmm I might want to go for a 4-star hotel instead. Do you have any recommendations?

SELF: If you're looking for a 4-star hotel in Positano that offers a delightful stay, I would suggest considering Hotel Poseidon. It's well-regarded for its excellent service, stunning views, and provides good value for money.

You can find more details and make a reservation through this link: [Hotel Poseidon on].

Should you require more options or specific amenities, please let me know, and I'll be happy to assist further. Enjoy your stay in Positano!

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