Clothing advice

Not sure what to wear? Ask SELF for some inspiration. Here’s another example of a real interaction with the trial version of SELF in April 2024:

User: “My friend (female) doesn't know what to wear tonight for our night out... Do you have any suggestions?”

SELF: “For a night out in Stockholm, considering the unpredictable weather, your friend could opt for a cute dress paired with a leather jacket, which would provide both style and warmth. Ankle boots would be a practical choice for footwear, keeping her comfortable while walking around the city. This ensemble would be suitable for a casual evening and also offer protection in case of rain.

If she's looking for something more specific or needs to purchase these items, she might want to visit local boutiques or department stores in Stockholm such as NK Stockholm or Åhléns City.

I hope this suggestion helps your friend decide on her outfit for tonight. If she needs more inspiration, there are fashion retailers and boutiques around Stockholm that she could visit for the latest trends. Enjoy your evening out!”

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