A holistic and unified approach

The blockchain world needs to offer a user experience that rivals, or even surpasses, centralized platforms. This requires a holistic approach, where functionality and decentralization benefits go hand-in-hand. User experience needs to be front and center. Most blockchain projects at the moment are like isolated islands, they are not part of a unified and functioning ecosystem. There are certainly many unification and interoperability efforts ongoing, but we’ve yet to see a solution in the form of an operating system that glues it all together. In our view, any player in the space who wishes to capture a large segment of the overall market needs to embrace a holistic and unified approach. For the pin to drop for the average user where they understand and experience the benefits of decentralization, what is needed is the creation of full-scale alternative systems, as well as the creation of hardware running the systems and connectivity solutions which enables them.

Entirety OS must be smooth and coherent, with a deep range of sovereignty-enhancing benefits such as enhanced security, privacy, data ownership, trustless financial transactions, ultra-secure and private data storage/file sharing etc. However, while these features may be important and valuable to some users, they may not be enough of an incentive for most to consider using a new OS as an addition or replacement to what they are already using. Entirety OS also needs to offer other benefits such as built-in distraction-blocking mechanisms, productivity enhancement tools and most importantly, a streamlined and optimized user experience. A key factor will be that the system feels good to use.

The ambition for Entirety OS is that it does what the user needs it to do, without demanding too much time, attention or technical expertise. In our view, technology should enable the user to get as much done in as little time as possible, so that they can spend more time on the things they enjoy. Entirety OS will not be designed to coerce the user into wasting hours scrolling through an endless timeline of dopamine triggering and “attention span decreasing” content, but will instead strive to gently nudge the users away from such habits. This current trend has a profoundly negative impact on modern life and is something we feel duty-bound to address.

The ultimate goal of Entirety and SELF is to be a market leader in offering this new form of technology experience. We don’t have the ambition to be alone in this new approach and it would be beneficial if hundreds of other platforms or systems launched with the same or a similar intent.

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