Airdrop campaign - Galxe

The SELF mobile app and browser extension are well-suited for an airdrop marketing campaign. Galxe is a platform designed to help crypto projects build their communities and have the community engage with and try out the project’s various offerings. It offers a unique approach centered around “crypto quests,” where users complete various tasks in exchange for experience points or NFTs. In return for completing tasks, the project often airdrops a small percentage of their token supply to participants.

There are very popular KOLs on Twitter, Telegram, and YouTube that only focus on sharing airdrop opportunities with their community, often without charging the project anything for that exposure. In general, this type of promotional campaign has proven to be very cost-effective.

The screenshots above are taken from a campaign by a crypto application called Plena, and most of their quest types will be well suited for the SELF campaign as well. We will likely offer different tiers of NFTs depending on how many quests the user completes and the effort level of those quests.

We will airdrop 3% of our total supply to our community (20% on TGE and the remaining vested for 12 months with a 3 month cliff - as per our Tokenomics), and a large percentage of that will go to people who complete these Galxe quests. It's likely that we will offer influencers some kind of referral reward for bringing more people to the campaign. Here’s a list of quests that are likely to be included:

  • Follow on Twitter and join the discord

  • Visit specific pages on the SELF website and the info page about Proof of AI and Entirety + answer quizzes about the content on those pages

  • Watch a YouTube video explaining what SELF is about

  • Install the SELF app and browser extension

  • Have a conversation with SELF and ask it specific questions

  • Try out the cashback feature and purchase an online service through SELF with one of our partners (VPN, hosting, antivirus, broker, etc.)

  • Purchase a physical product or audiobook on a retail partner through SELF

  • Try all of the example queries

  • Ask SELF to suggest travel destinations based on the user’s request and previous preferences

  • Ask SELF to recommend movies, series, books, or music

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