Footprint - Next Generation Social Media

One example of a native application will be ‘Footprint’. The most basic way of describing the concept is ‘Facebook without ads’, but the reality is more profound. The common structure of commercial models in social media is to aggregate personal data in order to monetize it through advertisers. That premise is the opposite of our values and Footprint will offer an alternative to what is commonplace. As SELF will be working on behalf of each user, connecting two or more SELF’s together creates new opportunities including:

  • The ability to assist in planning collaborative adventures and journeys.

  • The ability to find solutions to challenges that two or more people share.

  • The ability to answer questions and fact-check information during conversations.

  • The ability to recall shared memories between two or more people.

  • The ability to organize and share content with specific connections.

As a native application of Entirety, Footprint has no commercial model that leverages the data generated by the individuals involved, as those individuals are the only people in control of what data is used. Instead, Footprint will be an example of how we believe a decentralized social media and messaging app should work without the involvement of third parties, especially advertisers. A natural evolution of Footprint could include a peer-to-peer marketplace, where direct connections between products, services, and people happen without tolerating adverts.

If two or more people are connected and looking to buy something, Footprint will enable that without the hidden cost being the individuals' dataset. The ambition is not to ‘compete’ with the large social media platforms, and it may be that only a small percentage of the population resonates with a non-intrusive, respectful, and ethical alternative. The switching costs of moving from existing systems to something brand new is a significant challenge and one we appreciate. Instead, Footprint will demonstrate one element of what’s possible with Entirety, opening the doors to a fair and equal approach to what is currently considered normal.

The outcome may be that Footprint inspires developers to build alternatives on Entirety, or add-ons to Footprint that enhance the native app. Our view is agnostic as the ambition isn’t to conquer the social media market or to gain advertiser attention by farming private information behind the scenes.

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